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A three generations tradition

Vigne Cantina Cogo - Foto Panoramica
Vino Rosso Il Sorno - Cantina Cogo

The story of our winery is that of a passion grown with us. Our grandfather Guglielmo had a small vineyard where, when we were children, we used to play and help the elders in the vintage. Over the years we took care of it more and more since when we decided to take a step forward because it was necessary to renovate the vineyard.

Passion and commitment have been fundamental in order to plant native vines and to enlarge the estate, buying a hill where in the past an ancient vineyard was there owned by Marchesi di Gattico, where we have also built our winery.

Nonno Guglielmo Cogo

Our grandfather, Guglielmo

Cantine Cogo today

The renovation allowed us to create our project, following every step of the vinification process, that is fundamental for us together with respect for nature and the environment. 

We think that a “good drink” should be such, not only in taste.

Organic grapes

Today our farm is over 7 hectares, 5 of them are vineyards, with grapes of Nebbiolo, Erbaluce and a small part of Vespolina.

Thanks to the help of the whole family, the advice of an agronomist and an oenologist, we can dedicate with love to our wines, from the vine shoots to the bottle, following the natural rhythms and the organic method.

Vigneto spumante.webp

The farm

We work respecting the environment, resources, climate and promoting biodiversity.

This is our philosophy.

We don’t use herbicides or pesticides harmful to the environment or to useful insects. Also in the cellar we follow the precise organic regulations.

Azienda agricola
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